December 7, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I was thinking about my passport the other day.  I think it is up for renewal soon.  I was thinking about how important it used to be.  I had to use it to show I was legal to work.  I had to use it to apply for my NI number (national insurance).  I think I needed it for ID at times.  It got to see the light of day.  It has stamps in it.  It has two visas in it.  The second one was so pretty and I just loved that it said “residence permit” and “limited leave to remain” rather than just “UK entry clearance”.

Now it sits in the safe.  We always did keep our passports locked up, but now it just sits there.  And I am not even sure when exactly it expires.  But I will get it renewed…just incase.

As I was telling Josh that my passport expires soon he was urging me to make sure to get it renewed right away.  I was questioning ‘why?’.  He said, “Maybe our friends in Canada will phone us up and ask us to come for a visit.”  Ok…  Then he said, “What if we win an all expense paid trip to Hawaii?!”  I had to laugh so hard.  He scolded me for laughing at him and I reminded him that if I would have said the same kind of thing he would never let me forget it.


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