December 16, 2009 at 1:46 am (Fun Photos) ()



  1. Kacie said,

    Seriously, you watched all five season in a couple of months? Wow – it gets to you, doesn’t it? It’s quite addicting.

    You’re right about the Christian themes. It may be like the Matrix, where they throw out a lot of philosophical ideas and end up with a sort of religious hodge-podge, but in any case it is super interesting and they ask some good questions! I LOVED the last episode of last season, and I’m so interested to see where they take the storyline of Jacob and the guy that I call “Esau”.

    • justaweeblether said,

      Yes, embarrassingly enough we did watch them all in a couple of months. And it is quite addicting, which is why we got through them so quickly. We stayed up too late many a nights because we just HAD to watch the next one. 🙂

      It certainly isn’t overt, but it is interesting to see what they do with sacrifice and faith. I told Josh, “Don’t worry. He’s gonna rise again in 3 days.” Was that the last episode? I don’t even know where there are in the season.

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