Making Me Nervous

December 20, 2009 at 12:43 am (A New Career) ()

I have been looking at statistician jobs all over to get an idea of the demand, salary, job descriptions, and such.  I came across one description of what would go on in the interview for a job with the Scottish government.   I would be looking at a 3+ hour interview!

The Scottish Government Assistant Statistician Assessment Centre consists of the following elements:

  • Written exercise
    Lasting 1 hour 5 minutes and with a choice of questions
  • Presentation preparation
    You will be given 30 minutes to prepare a presentation based on given information
  • Presentation followed by a Competency Based and Technical Interview
    You will give your presentation and answer follow up questions on it, before moving on to the main interview which should last approximately 1 hour

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  1. Kacie said,

    you know, I’ve only been in Bloomingdales ONCE at Christmas time. In England, though, we visited Harrods, and it was INSANE. What a place. Such luxury. I felt so out of place!

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