December 24, 2009 at 1:21 am (Healthcare) (, )

I am a big advocate for doing SOMETHING about the sad state of our health care.  I enjoyed not having to pay out of pocket for my doctor visits, tests, prescriptions, etc.  And it makes me very sad to see so many people without insurance, the people that need it the most.

I am really tired of paying so much of my tiny income for insurance which we rarely use because we are pretty healthy, yet we can’t risk going without insurance because one hospital stay would really do us in.

I really haven’t read about what excatly it is they are voting on tomorrow, but I heard the President on NPR talking about the things that would come into effect immediately if it does pass.  Such as no more dropping people from insurance because they are sick and no more lifetime limits on coverage.  But I was incredibly disappointed when he was talking about how it would be nice if everyone could have the same affordable coverage as members of congress.  Their insurance costs $15,000 a year.  Really?  Am I understanding this right?  Is this the same ‘affordable’ rate we would all be paying?  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I should probably just take the time to go read up on it…



  1. Caroline Collie said,

    These thoughts are in my thinker at the moment, too. And I’m really wondering what’s going to happen. I felt there were some positives and lots of negatives with my experience in Scotland — especially the giving birth part — that would fall in the negatives category. I really like the South African system so far — we are paying into an account each month that means certain things are covered completely by health insurance, and a lot of the day to day things come back out of the account we’re paying into. So we get good rates on the health care we need, and we are basically spending our own money, which they’re holding for things that aren’t covered. I’m not totally sure I have it figured out or I’ve explained it well, but our insurance rewards us with discounts when we buy healthy food (like 25% off all our fruit, veg, certain breads, fish, skinless chicken…that kind of thing) which has been really helpful as well. I sure don’t have the answers, but I sure do have opinions!!! 🙂

    • justaweeblether said,

      I have heard so many mixed reviews on giving birth in the UK. Most have said it was a good experience, though. But there are going to be good and bad experiences in any system.

      That is awesome that you get discounts on some of your groceries! I had never heard of that but it is a good idea. Part of prevention rather than maintainance.

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