Things I Would Like To Do/Have Done In 2010

January 1, 2010 at 5:52 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I don’t make resolutions.  This is probably the closest I would get. 

And they are all superficial.  Of course I am always learning, growing, but I try not to put things that I am learning or wanting to ‘work on’ in a box.  Rather than saying, “I want to be a more patient person” (which I do), I think I should strive to grow in wisdom and knowledge and this will make me the person I need to be.

So off the rabbit trail, here it is:

1.  Work really hard at Trig and do well in class

2. Enroll in the Certificate in Statistics program at Loyola

3. Enjoy Chicago

4. Read some Harry Potter

5. Read for fun

6. Get out of credit card debt (this actually should be #1, though I didn’t place these in any particular order)

7. Finish the kitchen

8. Get a full bath (right now it’s 1/2)

9. Reinstate date nights

10. Enjoy the summer

11. Ignore mean people

12. Get a haircut

13. Travel.  Somewhere.



  1. Kacie said,

    If you want someplace to travel that is beautiful and you can drive to that’s not very far away, go to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. We spent half our honeymoon there at a bed & breakfast and it was wonderful.

    Or… drive up to Canada, you’ll have hit a whole country! 🙂

    • justaweeblether said,

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is lovely up there. We used to have our church winter retreats at Covenent Harbor. It was pretty. But we haven’t been there in the warmer months.

      I am really, really hoping we will be out of our financial restraints at least enough to go somewhere we haven’t been, maybe fly somewhere. But who knows now that I plan to start classes. We might have to keep our vacations around here for a bit longer.

      I like the Canada idea! I just wish our Canadian friends weren’t so far inland, then we could have a place to stay.

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