Good Weekend

January 19, 2010 at 1:06 am (Fun Photos, Time Off Together) (, , )

It is so rare that Josh and I can have a day off together, let alone a weekend!

It has been so long since we have gotten to go out to eat together.  Dining out is something that I really enjoy, but we have never really had the budget to do it often.  As the budget is especially tight now it is really not even an option.  It is so hard to pass up an impromptu stop to pick up a sandwich for lunch or pizza for dinner.

So when we got gift cards from Josh’s staff we were really thrilled.  Josh loves seafood.  I don’t.  When I actually had more time I would try to make salmon for him once in a while.  When we go out to eat he likes to order it since he doesn’t get it much at home.  So he really likes Red Lobster for some affordable, half-way decent tasting seafood.  Fortunately for me they have exactly one non-seafood dish.  And even more fortunately, I really like it!  And they have great biscuits (and an amazing margarita, but we were there for lunch and didn’t really want to spend extra).  So we really enjoyed using his Red Lobster gift card on Saturday.  And the bill (not including tip) came out to just pennies away from the gift card amount.

I had a free drink from Starbucks leftover from my birthday, so I enjoyed a Venti no whip raspberry mocha.  MMM!!

We went to lighthouse place and used a Master Card gift card we received from a friend to purchase clothing items we have had on our list for a while at Lighthouse Place.  It was painful to pass up so many awesome deals right now!  I have never really been a Gap girl, but if you need some things head over to the outlet.  Josh got jeans for $8 (he never finds jeans he likes!) and I got a hoodie to wear on my midnights for $5.  We still have money left on the gift card!  We might have to stick with using it for necessities rather than splurges.

Saturdays are usually Josh and Stevie’s ‘bro time’ but I wanted to hang out with them this time, too.  We took Stevie out to get ice cream when he got back from work and we enjoyed playing his Wii together and having popcorn.

Sunday we thought it was such a nice day.  The sun was actually shining and the temps rose to just above freezing!  So we drove up to the beach for a romantic walk on the snow.  🙂  Sadly there was a heavy fog on the shore so it was not as scenic and quit a bit cooler, but it was still enjoyable.  There were actually a few other couples there with the same idea!

It was really hard to capture the shelf ice with my camera phone.  It looks deceptively safe, but there was about 50 feet of shelf ice.  Usually in the winter the water pushes the ice against the shore making some really beautiful ice burg-like formations along the beach, which is what we were hoping for.

We were wondering what sort of death might actually be safe…

Sadly, our beach water is not always the best for swimming in.  During the summer one can often find dark red water spewing from this tunnel into the lake.

We had a pizza in the freezer so when we got home we heated that up and watched a library moving until I had to go in for my midnight.



  1. Erin said,

    I thought the same thing–unsafe death? I see what they mean now but the sign is funny.

  2. Kacie said,

    oh, I just loved this post. Fun together, enjoying small luxuries!

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