I just.don’t.get.it

March 22, 2010 at 6:17 pm (Healthcare)

I am not one that likes to stir the waters or rock the boat, but healthcare is one thing that really gets my blood boiling.  I just cannot understand how it is fair for people who cannot afford the skyrocketing prices of healthcare to remain untreated or to die because they are poor.  Or to even be able to maintain or prevent issues from arising because they do not have the money to see a doctor.  Even a well built house will eventually turn into shambles when the owner cannnot affort upkeep.  In the end it will cost even more to repair the damage.

I cannot understand how people can be so heated against doing any kind of healthcare reform.  It really blows my mind away.  It seems incredibly small minded to me.  I am not trying to be insulting with that statement.  I just CANNOT understand it.  I personally knew a person who died because she did not see a doctor for pain she was having since they did not have health insurance.  Once her husband’s employer’s insurance kicked in she went to see the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer and died within weeks.  It would have been treatable had they caught it weeks earlier.

We have been working hard over the last 2 1/2 years to pay off a debt we incurred after moving back to the States.  We will finally for the first time in years have money to put in the bank next month.  We could have had this debt paid off more than six months ago if we didn’t have to pay what we do for insurance.  And our insurance isn’t even that good.  Now we are paying off expenses from the issue with my high blood pressure (which was work related but cannnot be a workman’s comp claim, but that is another post about labor law) and the bills keep coming in.

It just boggles my mind to see so much resistance and hostility.


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  1. Kacie said,

    Amen. I really wonder if the angry status updates I see on facebook are from people who truly understand the issue? Surely not. If they do understand, then you’re right, I simply cannot understand them!

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