A “Real Housewife” Switches Places With a Real Woman

April 8, 2010 at 9:20 pm (A Little Fun, Fun Videos) (, , , )

Yes, I have actually watched the Real Housewives.  It was during one of those 12 hour Saturdays at the group home and there was nothing to do and nothing else to watch.  First instinct is “ICK” and quickly change the channel as I am rolling my eyes.  Then I come back to it and linger a bit longer, disgusted at how some people live.  And then, whadayaknow, I watched how-many-hours-of-this-Housewives-marathon (while doing my other duties, of course). 

If you’ve never seen it, it is about rich housewives and all of their petty bickering and their shopping, vacationing, condo buying, house redecorating, car buying for their kids after saying they don’t get a car because of their grades, and the token charity fundraising.  The show follows a small group of women in various cities and they have become celebrities.  There’s The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I think another but I forget.

One of these Housewives was on Rachael Ray yesterday (watching it with my client) and they showed video of her changing places with a single mom who holds down 2 jobs.  It was funny yet sad to see the starke contrast in lifestyle.  I was looking for video of the whole segment, but this is all I could find.  They left out the part where Ramona stares up the stairs to the 350 square foot walk-up apartment and says, “I have never been to a walk-up before.”  And even better is when she is going out to do the laundry and she struggles down the flights of stairs with the bag in her mini dress and high heels and just kicks the bag down each flight.  She takes a cab to the laundromat, which I doubt a struggling mom would do (by the way, Ramona took a limo to the apartment.  The single mom walked the whole way to Ramona’s condo).  At the laundromat Ramona says, “It would just be easier to PAY them to wash and fold the laundry!”  Hmmm…

At the end of the segment Ramona gifts some of her jewelry from her True Faith line to the single mom.  I thought the sweetest thing was when the mom said, “I like my life how it is.  I wouldn’t trade it” or something to that effect.


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