April 8, 2010 at 1:15 pm (Visiting Church)

I attended THAT CHURCH again with my client.  Still no ‘hellos’ or anything.  I was dressed a little nicer, but still wore jeans. 

The sermon wasn’t as morally damning as the last one, but I still rolled my eyes through half of it.  He went from I John to I Peter, to Philippians, to Jeremiah, to John, and back to I John.  I couldn’t figure out what his topic was until he said, “And THIS is how you get your prayers answered, my brothers.”

Some quotes:

“We are thankful for a good service today.  We had many people here and a few of them got saved.”

“If you are going to have that IDIOT BOX in your house, I GUARANTEE, IIIII GUAAAARAAAANTEEEE…(pause for effect) your kids will be GIVEN TO THE DEVIL!”

“It says to love ‘THE BRETHEREN’  Not the WORLD!” (meaning the people)

“If you have SCOUNDRELS for friends, you will bring yourself into CONDEMNATION!”


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