Please Help As You Are Able

April 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm (Raising Funds for J's Education) (, )

Now is the time again for me to ask if any of you can help with the cost of the education of a friend’s daughter.  She is a very bright girl and we are all proud of her accomplishments.  We will need to raise about $700 this year.  Even more would be better as the family covers the cost of books, supplies, uniform, field trips, etc.  I wire the money to the family.  I cover the cost of the wiring and any of the tuition that I am not able to raise the funds for.  I would like to offer you the opportunity to help in any way you can.  Each dollar helps.

I have not been very good at keeping up the blog I set up for this purpose, but if you would like more info, please take a look.

Here is the latest message from dad.  Recently the school system changed how they would be grading students and added an emphasis on extracurricular activities.  This change occurred at the very end of the term.  This bumped J down from the third position in her class to the fifth.  Her grades are fabulous, but this was obviously a disappointment for the family.  They are now adding more activities to J’s repertoire.

I just got earlier J’s grades. Over-all she got a general average of 92.55%. In [ .] she got 91.5%;Math has 92%; Science is 91.5%; other shcool subjects got 93%; and the most impressive of all is English which is 95%. In her math early grade she got 92% / 88% / 92% in the first three quarters. Just made it better in the last quarter which is 96%. In her English it is all good higher grades especially the third and fourth quarters. Diction was her best grade that has 98% and second is Language which is 97%. Funny because when I was young I never got grades like this. These are all impressive for me. That is why i am not frustrated even if J was in the 5th position. Though i know in my heart J can even be better if she will really work more harder. But I just let it all for J. I don’t want to pressure her. We had a family talk before just targeting again the third position next school year. If this will happen we promise her a little surprise. We’ll see this coming June as the new school year begins.

Once again we use the summer for J’s extra trainings. Last year she learn singing in the church here. And this year she wants keyboard. Her training started last Monday and this will last for three weeks here in the same church where we usually attend the services. Janet and i just let J to learn and improve more her talents. We understand that her school are now adding points to some activities. Hopefully, her talents will be recognize and this means higher grades.

Here in our house, outside, I made a badminton court. I just think that by teaching her how to play this game would also add points if recognized. At the same time … this could a fun time for the family.

We know all these things are happening because many people are praying for us especially for J. Thanks!!!

Enrollment is now ongoing in her school her teacher informed me.

Send me a message if you are able to help.  You can send funds via paypal to jdbougie1(at)msn(dot)com.


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