And the Job Search Goes On…

May 25, 2010 at 7:37 pm (A New Career, Employment, Finances, Job Satisfaction, Time Off Together, working midnights) (, , )

It has been a roller coaster ride.  When I talk about a job search I am asked, “What are you looking for?”  Well…almost anything right now.  Its sort of complicated.  I really want more responsibility.  I REALLY want to have normal hours.  I want to have a weekend again.  I want evenings off.  Time with my husband.  I want something that pays a livable wage.

It started last August when one of our group homes was in dire need of staff.  I went over there for three weeks to help out.  It was the most difficult as almost all of the clients require total care.  I was dreading it.  My first day was long and, just long.  At that point I was told I would only be there for one week.  On the first day I was told I would be there another week.  I cried the whole way home.

 Managers at the other group homes tease that they will send staff there as punishment.  That is how difficult it is.

But then I had a revelation.  This group home was in need.  They guys were great, despite having to feed them, change their undergarments, etc.  I COULD BE THE MANAGER!!!  I was so ready to take on the job and turn that house around.  There was a revolving door when it came to staff so there was absolutely no consistancy.  I was sure no one else within the agency would apply for that position.  It wasn’t even posted yet so I thought I had an advantage.  I typed up a VERY GOOD cover letter and turned in my letter of interest to HR.  Everyone that heard I was applying said I would be good in that position.  One week, Two weeks, Three weeks passed and I didn’t hear a word.  I sent out an email to the director.  He said, “Oh, thanks for your interest, but we are going to let another one of our managers run this house.”

Later I applied for a med assistant position.  Running appointments.  Not exactly what I had my heart set on, but it had different responsibilities and the hours were regular.  (After I applied for the manager position I was suddenly switched to midnights and it was making me physically and emotionally ill.)  I came in a close second.  It went to someone who knew a few more of the clients in the department than me.  But I was encouraged to apply for QMRP or staff supervisor if it became available.  The person who got the med assistant position?  She lasted one month and wanted to be transfered back to her old position.

Then a QMRP position because available.  Yay!  I interviewed.  Close second, AGAIN.   It went to someone the interviewee already worked with.  She was a staff supervisor.

I interviewed for the staff supervisor position.  Sounded like I was going to get it since she said, “I am looking for such-and-such qualities and you sound like that person.”  It went to someone who had worked at our agency previously.

THEN, Program Specialist became available.  This was the position I had been hopeing would become available for the last 6 months!  It was day hours, no on call, decent increase in pay.  Advocating for clients, setting and working on goals, training staff to work with clients.  Just what I wanted.  Again I was told I had great credentials and was encouraged to keep applying for positions.  This time I actually requested feedback on the interview.  I was absolutely gobsmacked by what she said.  She didn’t think I could be assertive when needed.  She didn’t think I could work with a diverse population.  She didn’t think I could handle difficult situations.  These are the things I had to do and deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY as a case manager for homeless clients.  I had the clients trying to come on to me.  I had clients trying to bully me for things they wanted.  I had to beg landlords not to kick my client whom I JUST got housed out.  I had to remain calm while I client was opening up to me as maggots were dropping onto the table from the ceiling and rats waddled by.  I worked with drug addicts, mentally ill, abused, young, old, black, white, former attorneys, you name it! 

I was rather upset that the things she mentioned were not things she asked about, but it was good feedback nonetheless.  I somehow have been coming across and timid and weak I guess.  That will have to change.

I am so tired of the interviewing though.  I am tired of getting paid little above minimum wage.  I am tired of  having to work overtime every week to get bills paid.  I am tired of working in an entry-level position and no one can see that I can do a darned good job with so much more responsibility.  I am tired of searching for jobs only to see ‘2 years experience required’ for things like front desk jobs and such (I can get paid 50% more as a clerk/secretary at Purdue and it would work out well for me as I am taking classes there now).

I came across an entry level position for a company in Chicago that does consulting for non-profits.  They preferred someone with experience in direct services.  I thought this would be an awesome job and it could possibly grow into something else as I get math and statistics classes under my belt.  I have not heard from them.  I am sure they are swamped with newly graduated applicants.  *sigh*


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The Christian Life as a Moral One

May 17, 2010 at 7:24 pm (Visiting Church) (, , )

Last night at THAT church I tried to quietly unwrap a chewy jolly rancher in efforts to keep awake.  I didn’t really need it though as every ten minutes the pastor would send a spike through my ears with his piercing shouts.

It made me really sad when the guy doing the announcing talked about some kind of rally they are having: “This is the last week of The Spring Push, so if you know someone that’s unsaved and want to get them saved, get them in here.”  The saved and unsaved terminology still makes me cringe, but the idea of gathering as many people together during a short period of time to focus efforts on getting them saved gave me made me feel so sorrowful.  I had a mental picture of overweight athletes pushing, pulling, shoving passersby onto the track and over the start line, only to abandon them as they dash off for their race, leaving a very confused ‘born again’ athlete at the starting line.  The new athlete gives up and takes a seat in the stands.  As he watches the race he says, “I’ve done that.  Yes, I am an athlete.”

Of course the sermon was completely moral and jumped around to passages all over Scripture that really had nothing to do with each other.  But what blew my mind was when he was lecturing about how TV, drinking, and smoking will send you one the path to hell.  “It will not only destroy you, but your children, too!  Look at Job!”  Here is where I said, “Whaaa!??  Huh?  Really?”  To his credit, if this deserves any, he didn’t actually say Job’s children were destroyed because of his own doing.  What he ended up saying was not even connected.  And that is just how the whole sermon goes down every Sunday I have been there.  A bunch of disconnected ideas to get a bunch of people to follow a certain moral path.

I just want to add, if we are going to preach the Christian life as a bunch of morals, why is gossip and slander never included in list of don’ts?

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May 13, 2010 at 12:41 pm (Raising Funds for J's Education) (, )

I am now going to shamelessly beg for you help.  I have to wire the money THIS WEEK and have absolutely no responses and I am not in a financial situation right now where I can cover this cost myself.  I really do not want to tell a little girl that she cannot continue the quality education she has been recieving these past few years and that she will have to return to the overcrowded, low quality education that is offered by the public system in her city where the drop-out rate is staggeringly high.  Even for those who graduate, the chance of getting a job that offers a sustainable wage, or any job at all, is next to none.  This opportunity is an opportunity not just for her future, but for her family.

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You Can Still Help!

May 11, 2010 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I am still in need of 100% of the funds for J’s education. Please help in any way you can.

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