The Christian Life as a Moral One

May 17, 2010 at 7:24 pm (Visiting Church) (, , )

Last night at THAT church I tried to quietly unwrap a chewy jolly rancher in efforts to keep awake.  I didn’t really need it though as every ten minutes the pastor would send a spike through my ears with his piercing shouts.

It made me really sad when the guy doing the announcing talked about some kind of rally they are having: “This is the last week of The Spring Push, so if you know someone that’s unsaved and want to get them saved, get them in here.”  The saved and unsaved terminology still makes me cringe, but the idea of gathering as many people together during a short period of time to focus efforts on getting them saved gave me made me feel so sorrowful.  I had a mental picture of overweight athletes pushing, pulling, shoving passersby onto the track and over the start line, only to abandon them as they dash off for their race, leaving a very confused ‘born again’ athlete at the starting line.  The new athlete gives up and takes a seat in the stands.  As he watches the race he says, “I’ve done that.  Yes, I am an athlete.”

Of course the sermon was completely moral and jumped around to passages all over Scripture that really had nothing to do with each other.  But what blew my mind was when he was lecturing about how TV, drinking, and smoking will send you one the path to hell.  “It will not only destroy you, but your children, too!  Look at Job!”  Here is where I said, “Whaaa!??  Huh?  Really?”  To his credit, if this deserves any, he didn’t actually say Job’s children were destroyed because of his own doing.  What he ended up saying was not even connected.  And that is just how the whole sermon goes down every Sunday I have been there.  A bunch of disconnected ideas to get a bunch of people to follow a certain moral path.

I just want to add, if we are going to preach the Christian life as a bunch of morals, why is gossip and slander never included in list of don’ts?


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