July 20, 2010 at 2:37 pm (back to school, Employment)

I am very near the point of exhaustion.  I have been running, running, running.  Sometimes I feel guilty for saying that because I am not actually moving all of the time.  Most of it is spent sitting at the computer doing homework.  But that is pretty much what I do all of the time I am not at work.  And I keep getting calls from people at work that want to meet with me outside of my working hours for various reasons they wont divulge to me.  This could not have come at a more terrible time and I am really tired of working a job that I cannot leave at work!

Yesterday I went against my better judgement and went blueberry picking.  I knew I would stress out about not studying and preparing for the time I would be tutoring with a friend, but I also felt like I needed something to relax.  I also NEEDED blueberries!  I have been SOOO looking forward to blueberry picking season and I usually go 3 or 4 times before the season ends.

Josh is super busy, too.  We have really been looking forward to the LaPorte County Fair, which is this week.  We usually have Thursdays off, so I was keeping that day open so we could go.  Last night Josh told me he has to work all day.  😦  He has worked every day for the last 2 weeks AT LEAST.  He is putting at least 60 hours in and can’t even recover any of that time because there are so many demands on him right now.

We are also finishing the kitchen.  It is going on 2 months and I had really hoped to be completely done by now.  We are having our small group to our house for a barbecue this Sunday, which we have been planning for a couple of months now.  Right now everything except our appliances (just delivered Sunday!!!) is in our living room and everything in our house is covered in dust.  We are going to be cutting it really close! 

In the mean time I am finishing Calculus.  We have one more lecture this Wednesday, then an exam Monday and our final next Wednesday.  I had high standards for myself and was hoping for an A, then just a couple of weeks into the class I was just hoping to pass.  I have recovered a small bit of confidence after the B- I got on my last exam (after he returned all of the exams and gave us 15 minutes to make corrections.  Only 3 others had marks higher than mine) and now I am hoping to squeak by with a B.  A friend who is a math professor and has been tutoring me this summer said that I am actually doing quite well for an 8 week calculus class.  Most in my class flunked the last exam.

So here I am spending time I shouldn’t be on keeping this blog alive when I should be studying.  I’m at a coffee shop and plan to spend the entire day here doing homework.



  1. Erin said,

    Praying your life gets easier soon, D, and you find joyful moments in the midst of the exhaustion and stress.

  2. Kacie said,

    You sound TOO busy. Finish up your work! I hope it slows down soon.

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