Please Forgive Me. I Am A Grad Student.

April 18, 2013 at 8:24 pm (A Little Fun, back to school, Studies, Time Off Together) (, , , , , )

Not that I really have anything interesting to post in the first place, but life has pretty much been put on hold for the last 2 semesters.  I have been totally immersed in my studies.  A master’s in statistics does not come easy, especially when your background is in Theology and social services.

Hopefully I will have something interesting to post soon.  It is going to be a busy summer, but hopefully a little pleasure will be mixed with business.  I have finally agreed to go backpacking with Josh.  He has been asking for quite some time and I finally took pity on him.  So a few weeks ago he plopped this ball of plastic down on in front of me and said,


“This is our tent”




  1. themamacita said,

    how fun! where are you going? we would love to do (some of) the Appalachian Trail someday 🙂

    • justaweeblether said,

      We are going to Mammoth Cave for 3 nights and then on to do regular camping with our camping clan. 🙂 I told Josh he has to ease me into it so we are keeping it short and he can’t bring his 4 lb pack.

      Have you read A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson? It is his hilarious account of doing the AT. Josh wanted to do the AT until he realized how boring it would be. It sounds like there are not really very many scenic points. I think he wants to do the Pacific Coast Trail now. I really hope I can “take” to backpacking as I would love to venture out to beautiful places that are less populous.

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